Highland Park Lateral Ditch Company was established February 8, 1952. The original members were Agriculturally-based. As a direct result of expanded residential development, the company was Amended November 15th, 2000 to include a drainage service to home owners form F Road to the Grand Canal, 29 1/2 Road East to 30 Road. Which is now called Highland Park Lateral Ditch and Drainage Company it now serves the residential needs in this area. The approximate boundaries for the irrigation are: Brookwood Subdivision to the North, the Grand Valley Canal to the South and 29 3/8 Road East to 30 Road.

HPLDDC provides water from the Highline Canal through a series of lateral lines to approximately eleven hundred homes within our service area. It is a drop point distribution provider. This meaning that the HPLDDC has no control over the distribution of water from the drop point at the main lateral lines. That responsibility belongs solely to the Individual Homeowner, Home Owners Associations or Water users associations within their Jurisdictional area.