Highland Park Lateral
Ditch and Drainage Company
P. O. Box 40752
Grand Junction, CO 81504 0752
Annual Meeting Notice
Annual Meeting will be held November 14,2017 at 7PM
Church of Christ (Fellowship Hall)
2893 F Road
Grand Junction, CO
General Information

A Proxy for properties not part of a HOA/WUA was mailed with the 2017 billing invoice.

The proxy states: “By returning your HPLDDC invoice along with your annual dues without choosing one of the options below, you authorize HPLDDC board of directors to make decisions as needed to continue operating and maintain HPLDDC facilities as required. You further acknowledge that unless I personally appear at the HPLDDC annual meeting that this action shall be deemed your proxy to be used in meetings by the HPLDDC board of directors.
This proxy will be in effect from the date I return the proxy along with my annual dues. It shall expire 30 days after the next HPLDDC annual meeting.”

Board of Directors election
Members of the Board of Directors are elected at the annual meeting. All property owners are eligible for
nomination to a position on the Board. Nominations can be made at the annual meeting, and person(s) being nominated need to be present and verify they will accept position, if elected.
Drop point service
HPLDDC once again is reminding all of our water users whether they are in an organized Home Owners
Association a Water users coop or just an individual user of irrigation water that HPLDDC provides serviceonly to the point where the water is discharged from our mainline system. This includes any and all discharge points through the entire system no matter the method which was utilized at the time the system was tapped into.

HPLDDC has never had any interest in the operation or the maintenance of infrastructure past the point of
discharge on to private properties. If your subdivision or your HOA is not functioning actively to provide you
waterservices we are in no way willing to assist in the day to day operations of your infrastructure delivering water to  residence(s). Additionally if you have a single drop point to your property you are personally responsible for the maintenance and function of your personal system. If HPLDDC has to shut down service due to a lack of provided service you are liable for costs associated with our ditch rider to do said shutdown. It is our policy that the minimum charge for said services shall be no less than $200.00 dollars. This fee is due and payable within 30 days of the performance of work no matter how simple it may be. This has been the policy of HPLDDC since it’s inception in 1952.

If you have any questions pertaining to issues relevant to HPLDDC you are welcome to attend our regularly scheduled board meetings which happen the third Tuesday of the month (except December) or the annual meeting held this year on

November 14th 2017 at 7 PM At The Church of Christ (Fellowship Hall) ­ 2893 F Road